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The remake of Microsoft’s original Halo game is now available on PC

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is now available on Windows PC, Microsoft revealed in a surprise announcement on Tuesday. The game is a remake of the original Halo: Combat Evolved that arrived on Microsoft’s Xbox as a launch title way back in 2001. The popular game made the transition to the PC in late 2003 and […]

Google has canceled its I/O 2020 developer conference

Following MWC and GDC, Google decided that it would be better to cancel than risk the health of the thousands of I/O attendees. Google’s premier developer conference, I/O 2020, has thus been cancelled. This is yet another tech event that has been cancelled due to the concern over COVID-19. Google issued a statement today saying: […]

Military officials say 5G is crucial to Space Force operations

As more systems become interconnected to the Internet of Things (IoT), more wireless bandwidth is vital to keeping the data flowing smoothly. Being the frontrunner in building the 5G infrastructure is equally essential. Although 5G technology is still quite far from being broadly implemented, the US military says, “Space-based communications will play a key role […]

Apple is making a 14.1-inch MacBook Pro to complement 16-inch redesign

While Apple’s new 16-inch MacBook Pro is an impressive piece of kit, there are many who wish a more compact, 14-inch version existed. Industry watchers have confirmed that Apple is making one that also ditches the dreaded butterfly keyboard. Last November, Apple released a 16-inch MacBook Pro that keeps the same footprint of the 15-inch […]

Verizon achieves goal of 30 5G cities by the end of 2019

Talk about cutting it close. Just days ahead of its self-imposed deadline of the end of the year, Verizon on Monday rolled out 5G ultra wideband service in three additional cities, pushing the total number of installed cities beyond 30. Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, and Hampton Roads, Virginia, were the latest cities to get Verizon’s […]

Amazon confirms a Seattle employee has coronavirus

Amazon has confirmed that one of its employees at the company’s Seattle, Washington, headquarters has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. In an email to employees in Seattle and Bellevue, the company’s health and safety office said the infected worker was based in the Brazil (SEA53) building, part of the South Lake Union Campus. The […]

Ring products log every doorbell press, detected motion, and app interaction

While the home-security cameras of Amazon-owned Ring are popular products, questions over their privacy implications have been around for a while, and a new report could bring the company more controversy. As discovered by the BBC, Amazon keeps records of every motion detected by Ring doorbells, along with the exact time they are logged. It […]