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Why is so hard for women to love photos of themselves?

I have always hated having my photo taken. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I have hated having my photo taken since I started school. Pictorial evidence from my early years in the wilderness — before societal norms were imposed on me via the education system — shows me to be […]

Eurostar offers £29 tickets to Paris, Brussels, Lille, and Calais

Getting away for the spring still seems like a faraway myth, given the horrible weather we’re currently experiencing. Here’s a little something to make it seem more real – Eurostar is offering discounted rates to a number of cities across the Channel. The train operator announced this week that they’ll have a number of fares […]

Eating saffron could help you get to sleep

Having trouble sleeping? A dose of saffron – yes, that fancy spice you find in Moroccan and Indian cooking – might help. Consuming saffron can enhance the quality of sleep in adults who have been struggling to get a decent night’s rest, suggests new research from Murdoch University. But before you start piling up on […]

Animal shelter puts flyers on pizza boxes to help dogs who can’t find a home

If we could adopt every single one of the glorious cats and dogs we write about, we would. For reasons we don’t understand, these precious dogs and kitties are without forever homes and animal shelters have to get creative to help them out. One shelter in the US has been trying out a quirky method […]

Woman creates Afro hair care brand to help with her scalp psoriasis and alopecia

A woman who suffered for years with psoriasis on her scalp and significant hair loss has created her own all-natural haircare brand because the prescribed treatments for these conditions didn’t work for Afro hair. Tayshan, from Streatham, south London, had painful psoriasis on her scalp that caused hair loss and, eventually, alopecia. She also struggled […]

Lithuanian Cuisine

Lithuanian cuisine is generally mild. Potatoes and rye bread are the staple foods and pork are the favorite meat, followed by beef and chicken. Seaside areas have traditional fish recipes but most other seafood is considered inedible. Most famous Lithuanian meals The meal most strongly associated with the Lithuanian nation is the Cepelinai, named after Graff von Zeppelin […]

Drunk dad accidentally orders 189 pieces of Domino’s chicken to go with a pizza

Drunken purchases are all too real and often pretty funny. But one mum wasn’t too happy when her drunken boyfriend accidentally ordered 189 pieces of chicken from Domino’s after coming home from a night on the town. Hannah Eddon, 26, was at home when boyfriend Lee Rumney was out on the lash with his pals […]

M&S is selling Marmite flavoured butter, cream cheese, and cheddar twists

Marmite might be the most divisive condiment but kudos to their marketing team for trying to make it more appealing to the naysayers (remember when they tried to hypnotise us into loving it?) They’ve already launched a peanut butter edition to get nut fans in on the action. And now comes two new forms of […]