Drunk dad accidentally orders 189 pieces of Domino’s chicken to go with a pizza

Drunken purchases are all too real and often pretty funny.

But one mum wasn’t too happy when her drunken boyfriend accidentally ordered 189 pieces of chicken from Domino’s after coming home from a night on the town.

Hannah Eddon, 26, was at home when boyfriend Lee Rumney was out on the lash with his pals in Sunderland, celebrating the birth of their six-week-old son, Freddie.

To make matters worse, Lee had asked Hannah to stay up for him as he’d forgotten his keys.

After his 12-hour drinking binge, he’d become a bit peckish and made a huge Domino’s order.

But when the delivery arrived, Hannah was left embarrassed to discover Lee had unwittingly ordered 19 boxes of food, including 15 sides of chicken wings accompanying one large pizza, one garlic pizza bread, a side of wedges and a box of cookies – at a pricey total of £177.

Thankfully, Lee had paid – which was lucky considering Hannah only had £20 on her.

The customer supervisor, who had wanted a ‘peaceful night’, was not happy with Lee’s antics.

The mum-of-one said: ‘When I answered the door the guy said there’s quite a lot here, he must be having a party.

‘He told me there was at least 15 boxes of sides and I started panicking thinking “I hope he’s paid” because I only had £20 in cash on me.

‘I had to get the delivery guy to help me bring it all into the kitchen. There was so much of it, I was so embarrassed.

‘But when I went upstairs to tell Lee his food was here, he was just completely passed out on the bed and wasn’t waking up for anything.

‘I was just stood there with all these boxes and the smell of chicken wafting through the house, I was fuming!’

Lee had initially asked Hannah to order the food ready for when he got home, but after she had trouble with the app, the drunken dad decided he would take charge – sending her a series of nonsense text messages before the fudged order arrived.

The next day, hungover Lee couldn’t remember a thing and was left feeling even more red-faced than Hannah when he realised he’d spent nearly £200 on a now-cold takeout.

Attempting to work out what had happened, the parents realised the mishap came about after Lee repeatedly added the chicken wings to his basket, thinking they hadn’t registered before paying.

The young mum said the couple has since seen the funny side but she has vowed she will never let her boyfriend order Domino’s again and has punished him by forcing him to eat cold chicken for the last three days.

Hannah said: ‘He wasn’t texting in full English and when he came through the door he was crashing into all the doors and bouncing from wall to wall.

‘But he couldn’t remember a thing in the morning. It’s a good job I’ve got a sense of humour and in the end he was the one who felt stupid.

‘He was absolutely devastated when I told him he’d spent £177 on Domino’s!’